I hope I haven’t confused anyone by changing layout of my blog. First of all I changed the whole layout, then I have added the Header Picture of the “original” blog again as I thought it might help to recognise that it is still the same blog.
I’ve read a paper recently about how blog layouts are changing or might change over the next few month/years. In the paper, questions as follows were discussed:
• Why is the navigation bar in a blog mostly right when studies about navigation on a website have suggested that users prefer the navigation bar on the left side? Will blogs change their navigation bars and display them on the left side too? Some blogs do already.
• Will blogs more and more look like websites? Will websites and blog be merged into one technology?
• Will blogs contain more and more video streams, podcast downloads, etc.? Are blogs containing such features being more successful as traditional blogs?
• Blogs should be dynamic and frequently updated. Do changes as I have just done to the layout of this blog confuse blog readers or are they used to changes in such a way that they don’t mind if even a layout, or picture, etc. changes.

Any thoughts and/or any experiences about these topics?


This was one of the questions we discussed yesterday evening after a seminar about corporate blogging.
People of the Association of Marketing Switzerland (GfM) have listened to the speech of Marcel Bernet (owner and CEO of the PR agency called “Marcel Bernet”) and Jürg Stuker (CEO of the web applications agency called “namics”).

One of the most critical point we have discussed was the reach of blogging. As we all know, a company that uses blogs for communication has to spend a lot of time for writing interesting posts regularly. Now the point which was raised several times was if it is worth the time an employee or even the CEO is spending for writing blogs, not knowing with whom and how many people he is speaking. Is he only speaking with a small group of customers of potential customers? Is he speaking with its competitors? Is he speaking with people who are interested in the topic discussed but not in the company or its products? Or is he speaking with some bored people who have nothing else to do as reading blogs and posting comments?

I don’t know. I still believe there is some great potential in the use of blogs but a company has to do it right and have to understand that blogs are more than just another new communication tool; companies need to understand the social rules of the blog in order to effectively approach customers.


Below you can find the blogs of the two gentlemen mentioned in this blog.

My studies will be focussing on business/corporate blogs in terms of marketing. According to Scobel and Israel (Scobel and Isreal, Naked Conversations, 2006) blogging does not well integrate into a marketing master plan and is not just an additional marketing tool. They argue that blogging changes marketing into something more conversational.
Does it and what makes a blog successful?

Various authors have suggested the following success factors for blogs:
1. a successful blog is passionate and shows authority
2. a successful blog has frequent posts
3. a company running a successful blog does listen to its audience and engage in other blogs too
4. a company that is successful in blogging spends a lot of time doing so
5. posts have to be interesting and catch the audiences attention
6. in order a blog is successful a company needs to speak the truth and conversations need to be real
7. a good blog should build trust, interest, awareness and enthusiasm
Do you share those opinions? Anything to add?

It seems as it would be quite challenging to estimate how many blog have been created by now and how many blogs are active blogs. How many posts and comments does a blog need in order it can be classified as an active blog?

I found two pages on this topic: http://www.perseus.com/blogsurves, http://www.blogcensus.net

I am doing some research in the field of blogs, blogging and virtual communities in general. It would be a great pleasure sharing thoughts with you and learning from your experiences.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas about blogs.


May 2020