A speech hold by Jürg Stucker, CEO of namics led to an interesting discussion about B2C respectively C2C or H2H? 

In a comparison of Web 0.5, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 he stated that with Web 2.0 the relationship moved from B2C to C2C, which raised an interesting point (http://blog.namics.com/2007/06/business_im_web.html) about marketing having to take the network perspective. This means that a company should take the social network of customers into consideration as customers are interconnected and speaking with each other. Thus the relationship would rather be a B-C-C relationship. He than posed an interesting question: Wouldn’t the term H2H (human) be more suitable? Regarding the new type of dialogue taking place on the web, where people speak to each other in a human voice – and expect companies to do the same if they want to join in the conversation – the term H2H might be quite suitable. People don’t want companies to speak in a corporate voice; they expect them to be open, tell the truth and speak in a human voice. Thus, even if a blog is written by a company, the author should behave like a “human” talking with his peers and not like a marketer employed by a company.